Bigcommerce Enterprise Vs. Shopify Plus: Which Is Better For Your Enterprise Business

BigCommerce Enterprise

When you launch your business, you desire it to grow. You always have a dream of having an online empire. Progressive increase in your sales is an indication of your business being on the right rail. As you start, you go for e-commerce platforms that are within your budgets. However, most of these platforms limit your growth. Atthe time, your sales may outgrow the platform forcing you to find a new one.

An enterprise e-commerce platform may be the best option. When this is the case, BigCommerce and Shopify Plus are the leading platforms in this category. Nevertheless, you might have difficulties in determining the better option for you. This article provides you with a description of the two leading enterprise e-commerce platforms to help you make a choice. Here it is:

BigCommerce enterprise

BigCommerce enterprise is a leading enterprise e-commerce platform. It is a SaaS or hosted solution. Thismeans that you do not spend cash on maintenance. If you are looking for a platform that supports your business growth, BigCommerce is a good option. The platform comes with great and effective tools to help you grow your business. Also, it is scalable. Your business will not lose sales during the high or peak season.

As you know, managing your enterprise from any location across the globe, BigCommerce enterprise is your choice. The platform is based on the cloud. Thus, you can easily access your venture as long as you have access to the internet. In a word, BigCommerce enterprise is a good option for harnessing your business growth without incurring additional costs on moving from one plan to the other.

Shopify Plus

If you are not new to the e-commerce world, you are familiar to the word Shopify. Shopify plus is the plan for business at the enterprise level. This platform offers you additional features and tools to enable you to manage your business. Also, it is a scalable platform which enables you to reach customers in more than 190 countries across the globe. When it comes to innovations, Shopify leads others. It has a batch of professional developers who are always working around the clock to provide the best features and tools. So, if innovation is your priority, Shopify is the right option.


Both BigCommerce enterprise and Shopify plus are leading enterprise platforms. It is difficult for you to know the better option. However, BigCommerce is a good option for cost-saving while Shopify plus is a suitable option when innovation and reliability are your priorities.