BigCommerce Vs. Shopify plus: 4 Things Enterprise Merchants Should Know!


Shopify plus and BigCommerce enterprise are two most popular shopping carts out there. Both are SaaS ecommerce platforms. This means, being a retailer, you are exempt from handling complex technology and security aspects of an ecommerce store. However, it gives less control over your e-store.

Now coming to the comparison between the two, there are four key aspects where enterprise merchants should ponder over while picking the right one for their growing business.


Typically, retailers spend their major time on creating and managing products online. Being a retailer, you should choose an ecommerce platform that can equip your store with intuitive and feature-rich tools. You must ensure that platform is able to provide products with unlimited options. After all, selling your product only on single trait is not much profitable. The ecommerce platform should allow you to add several options like sizes, colors, and style to give each combination of these options a distinct product name. Also, it helps in creating a good user experience.

Luckily, BigCommerce delivers as many options as you want to include. Even, it is most suited for enterprise businesses where retailers can add wide and complex catalogs (up to 600 variant SKUs and 250 option values). On the contrary, with Shopify plus, your product can only have three options. And, if you want to unlock more options, you will be needed to promote to a more costly plan.

Faceted search

A faceted search makes navigation and product discovery easier. BigCommerce natively features this powerful option compared to Shopify dependence on third party apps for faceted search. This is something that will cost you more when you choose Shopify over BigCommerce, since Shopify comes with baggage of costly apps.


Again, this is where BigCommerce wins the battle over Shopify.  As soon as you’re done with online store, your next step will be to attract customers, right? With Bigcommerce, you can have more control over main SEO settings like customizable URLs, title tags, metadata, and sitemap. However, this is not achievable for Shopify users.

Additional Transaction Fees

This is the most crucial area as it directly impacts the bottom line of your business. While using Shopify plus, it can charge you additional transaction fees whenever you choose a third-party payment gateway. Instead of it, you should choose Shopify payment as it’s the only way around to save some bucks, although it doesn’t offer the best rates unlike BigCommerce.

Summing it up

Needs of a low volume business differs to that of high volume. From the aforementioned features, it becomes clear that BigCommerce Enterprise is a top-tier ecommerce platform with more functionalities and flexibility to run your successful store.