Comparing BigCommerce with Shopify Plus

Security features

Shopify and BigCommerce are known to be the best ecommerce platforms available for online retailers, in terms of performance and growth. These website builders provide their services to numerous B2C and B2B businesses, and earn millions of dollars every year. However, in recent times, BigCommerce has been performing better than Shopify for enterprise merchants.

BigCommerce has been a service provider for some of the big names in the market e.g. Toyota, Martha Stewart, Kodak, Spinning etc.

Why do top brands prefer BigCommerce?

The features of BigCommerce are solely focused on the enterprise and their requirements, whereas, Shopify usually depends upon third-party application that are expensive.

Average sales to enterprises are double than that of Shopify Plus.

They’re available for their customers 24/7 (not outsourced).

No price penalties, and provide solutions for shopping, payments and point of sale.

It is true that Shopify provides its services to 500,000+ customers, however, BigCommerce is tailor-made for rapid growth in the business.

The retention rates of BigCommerce for enterprise businesses exceeds 99.5%.

Furthermore, Forrester’s Wave report declared BigCommerce platform as a ‘contendor’ for providing mid-market solution, unlike Shopify Plus.

BigCommerce focusses on driving revenues with minimum cost. They provide discounts and allow promotions without the need to depend upon any apps. Whereas, the customers at Shopify need to install various apps like Launchpad and Scripteditor for this purpose.

Moreover, with the advanced options for shipping provided by BigCommerce, the rates can be easily customized in term of their category, product, destination, quantity, customer group etc.

With Shopify Plus, the users are required to install another app due to the fact that they lack the option to add dimensions. However, Shopify’s users can print shipping labels at a discounted price through Shopify.

If we look at the overall performance of both the platforms, Shopify faces a setback due to its heavy reliance of apps. When you’re running an enterprise and dealing with thousands of customers, you can’t risk your website to be slow. Shopify requires you to install a lot of apps which at times result in slow loading. This may drive your customers away from your store.

BigCommerce deals with security aspect very carefully. It consist of various layers of security including human monitoring, web app firewall, intrusion detection software etc. Moreover, it’s PCI compliant.

Both Shopify Plus and BigCommerce are the market leaders in online business. However, due to the above mentioned factors, majority of the large enterprise owners prefer choosing BigCommerce over Shopify Plus.